New Ethereum plugin for WordPress competes

New Ethereum plugin for WordPress competes with Google AdSense

A new crypto plugin enables WordPress website operators to earn advertising revenue in Ether (ETH) and have it paid directly into their wallets. This is stated on December 10th in the description for a new plugin on the official WordPress website.

The plugin called “EthereumAds” enables website operators to automatically auction their advertising by BitQT space via smart contracts based on Ethereum block chain. The corresponding auctions are processed in the form of the corresponding crypto currency ETH. The description says: “After you have installed our widget, your advertising space will automatically be auctioned to the highest bidder every fortnight via our Smart Contract.

As EthereumAds writes on its own website, the WordPress plugin wants to compete with Google’s advertising service Google AdSense. A powerful argument for switching to the new plugin is said to be that EthereumAds charges lower fees: “Google AdSense only pays out 68% of its revenues, while we pass on 90% of our revenues to you”.

The new plugin can be used for websites, blogs and other forms of web content. At the same time it is not limited to crypto-related content

Crypto projects such as EthereumAds create new competition for the quasi-monopolist Google. It remains to be seen how the market leader will react to the new competition in the future.

A few months ago, Google had already had bad experiences with crypto-currencies on its own advertising platform in other ways. As reported by Cointelegraph, Google AdSense was used to place fraudulent crypto ads on the one hand, while on the other hand the advertising of legal crypto projects was switched off. In addition, Google Ads 2019 had placed search terms for the crypto currency Ethereum on the “black list”.